Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Categorically Not - "Small Differences"

I had been anticipating this past Sunday for a quite a while, ever since I read that K.C. Cole would be hosting yet another one of her mentally delicious talks, this time, entitled "Small Differences". This talk was part of a series called "Categorically Not" - a salon/cabaret style environment where science meets art, literature, film, fashion and more.

I invite you to check out the website at http://categoricallynot.com/

The event takes place at the Santa Monica Art Studios, better known as "The Hangar" which is situated near the Santa Monica Airport. There are usually three speakers and for the "Small Differnces" talk, she had invited Eric Scerri, a chemist from UCLA, Paul Stein, a virtuoso violinist from the L.A. Philharmonic and Natasa Prosenc, a Slovenian born video artist. Each one of them them talked about how sometimes small differences can bring about big and marked changes. From Eric's perspective it was about how the chemical nature of elements changes as we move up and across the periodic table of elements. Paul Stein talked about the subtle differences in how music is interpreted in the Philharmonic and the change that a new conductor can bring with himself when he joins an orchestra. Natasa showed some excerpts from her video art that she had filmed in different parts of Slovenia.

What was nice this time was to see so many people. I remember going to the first of these talks, now almost a year ago and seeing very few people back then. I guess the word has been spreading. Parking's not a problem, the atmosphere is casual and friendly and there is always wine and goodies to share. They ask for five dollars donation at the door.

So if you are the intellectual type and curious about the world and the perspective of experts on various topics, I highly recommend attending it. Beats sitting at home and watching TV!

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