Saturday, January 5, 2008

"The Universe" on the History channel

I happened to catch the show "The Universe" on the History channel during the holiday break. About half way into the show the narrator started talking about cosmic wormholes, white-holes and other exotic astrophysics stuff, when lo and behold I saw the familiar face of Clifford Johnson from the USC physics department. I highly encourage reading Cliff's blog "Asymptotia". I watched two episodes of "The Universe" and they were both tastefully done.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bilal,
I've been working on a research paper in quantum information theory. I was just wondering if you knew anything about p-adic numbers, which are an extension of the reals, dealing with number theory? And Shannon entropy? Have you ever been to tony smith's home page?

The Quantum Poet said...

I know of p-adic numbers, but I have not done any research in this area. What's your research topic? I have never visited Tony Smith's home page.

Anonymous said...

My research topic is quantum information theory of everything using p-adic numbers. Rewriting of a formal quantum theory using p-adic numbers, Shannon entropy, the carnot engine model, and Vou-dou physics.