Saturday, January 17, 2009

Perimeter Scholars International Program (PSI)

I have been asked by Perimeter Institute (PI) to spread the word for their new and upcoming Scholars International (PSI) program in cutting-edge theoretical physics. I was at PI last summer (see here) and had a really great time. The researchers are at the top of their game, and are very friendly, approachable and helpful. It is a very open environment for collaboration and sharing ideas. I highly recommend this program. I would have applied myself, but I think I am a little late for getting a Masters. I have reproduced part of the text that Neil Turok (PI Director) e-mailed me earlier this week.

PSI is an innovative, Masters level course designed to prepare students for cutting-edge research in theoretical physics. It provides a broad overview, allowing students to choose their preferred specialisation, and extensive tuition in formulating and solving interesting problems.
The due date for applications is February 1st: applications received after this date may still be considered but only as long as places remain available.
A number of outstanding lecturers have already signed up to teach, including for example Yakir Aharonov, Phil Anderson, Matt Choptuik, Nima Arkani-Hamed, John Cardy, Ruth Gregory, Michael Peskin, Sid Redner, Xiao-Gang Wen, and a number of Perimeter Institute research faculty. They will be supported by full-time tutors dedicated to the course.
All accepted students will be fully supported.
For further details, see

So, APPLY, APPLY, APPLY! There's no harm, and if you get in the experience will be very fruitful.


Hassan said...

Hi! I was planning to apply to PSI for fall of 2015. Coming from a mathematics background, how could I increase my chances of getting in?

The Quantum Poet said...

Hassan, if you have excellent grades, and if you have done some interesting projects and have maybe couple of papers under your belt, then you may have a good chance. It doesn't hurt to brush up on your physics either. You may also want to contact the person in charge for PSI and directly ask their advice. Good luck!