Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elizaveta Khripounova at Hotel Cafe

I had the pleasure to hear and see Elizaveta Khripounova perform at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood this past Thursday (03/19/09) evening. Hotel Cafe is one of the best venues in Los Angeles for live-music. Their focus is mostly on rock/indie-rock. There were four other musicians lined up Thursday evening, and all of them came with their own flair, skill, talent, and personality. I must admit though that Elizaveta's music, and her songs stood apart from the rest of the musicians. She brings passion and soul to each note and each of her lyrics. There is depth, clarity, and vision in her songs. If you listen intently and mindfully, she will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. You will feel happy in one song, with a smile beaming across your face, while in the next one, you may feel sad, and lonesome. There are songs where you feel hopeful and optimistic about love, life and your career, and then there are songs where you are reminded of love lost, friends lost.

Among some of the instruments that she used in her set included a regular electronic keyboard, a toy-piano, and an Indian harmonium. If you ever get a chance to hear her in the future, you must go and request the song where she uses the toy-piano. It was a real treat for my ears.

Hotel Cafe is a mellow place, with subdued lighting, beautifully tiled floors, and a tasteful lounge once you enter through the main door which happen to be at the back of the building.

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