Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What the heck is a quantum computer?

Come hear me ramble on about quantum information science (QIS). This will be a very short and introductory talk. I will first give an overview and history of the field, and then develop some mathematical tools to understand and appreciate David Deutsch's toy quantum algorithm. I may end up explaining quantum teleportation and quantum super-dense coding if time permits. I am dedicating this talk to my adviser Todd Brun and my mentor Dave Bacon.



Mark Wilde said...

Is there a link to a video of the talk? How did it go?

The Quantum Poet said...

Mark, it went really well. I got many questions from the audience. Almost all of them knew some amount of computer science theory. Matt Pinner was kind enough to grab the audio of my talk. He has posted it at:

I should post the slides on my website at some point.