Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bubblicious Categorically Not

The new fall season is just around the corner and I am very excited about all the cool, fun and interesting things happening around Los Angeles. I have been attending K.C. Cole's "Categorically Not" series for the last two years. It is a series of salon-style based talks with three speakers speaking on a single topic. The catch is that they talk about the topic from their perspective, from their point-of-view. For the fall '08 season the series starts off with "Bubbles." I am sure it is going to be an eye and ear opener for all of us. The "Bubbles" talk is scheduled for September 14th at 6:30 pm at the Santa Monica Art Studios a.k.a "The Hangar." Yes, I know that it is still quite a ways away, but I like to give folks an early head-start. So jot down the date and time in your calendars. I am excited about this talk because I'd like to hear Perrin Chilles thoughts on autism. I had worked with a really gifted and talented autistic girl as a freshman in Whittier College. I am pasting a description of the talk from the "Categorically Not" website:

Bubble wrap or soap suds; champagne or soda pop; breakers or bread; all are built on bubbles. So, in a sense, are we—for any egg or seed is a kind of bubble enclosing a new life, and every cell in our bodies is a permeable membrane (a bubble) chock full of complicated molecular machinery that makes us go. Galaxies drape across the sky in what appear to be cosmic-scale bubbles; our universe may be one bubble among many, ever bubbling out of the void. Financial bubbles can wreck havoc with markets, while soap bubbles make almost everyone smile, and all of us, one way or the other, walk through life in self-created bubbles of our own.

For our September 14
th Categorically not, Bruce Tyson, President of the investment advisory firm Weston Capital Management, Inc., will tell us how identifying financial bubbles is critical to the investment process. Over the past year, the biggest bubble in generations has burst, and Bruce will talk about the disparate forces that came together to create the recent crisis as well as examine some basic elements usually present at bubble formation. Financial bubbles have a long history, and he’ll share thoughts on the subject by the Russian novelist Nicolai Gogol.

A bone fide “bubbleologist,” Sterling Johnson is a lawyer, former engineer, and bubble fanatic since JFK was president who believes that few things in life so consistently touch people's hearts as simple soap bubbles. He uses bubbles in performance to hook the imagination, sneak in some "oh, wow" experiences about wave interference patterns, thin films, and chemistry, but mostly to help people re-experience a piece of innocence. With a friend, he is currently attempting to engineer a 10' bubble on the Marin Headlands that (with luck) will float over the Golden Gate Bridge, into the Bay, and pop on Alcatraz.

Perrin Chiles is the founder of In Effect Films, a socially-conscious documentary film company which produced Emmy Award Nominee AUTISM: The Musical. The film takes a dynamic and intimate look inside the lives of several families with Autistic children as they create, prepare and then perform a live musical play on stage. Perrin will talk about the world of Autism and why people commonly refer to Autistic individuals living in their “own worlds,” or bubbles—and how the children in the film broke through their bubbles to defy stereotypes of what Autistic children can and cannot do.

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