Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Other Side of The World

I was born on the other side of the world.
I grew up with passion for
a perfect cup of tea
and a sense for moral duty.
I was taught to do good
in this world.
But there are days when I stand alone.
These are the days when I reflect,
on how I was bad.
In my mind these are vivid days,
like an icicle reflecting a glass shard
Do I believe in a God?
Or are you asking if I believe in sin?
Life is a balance between black and white
etching a negative shade of grey.
I don’t think I am duty-bound to anyone.
I have often found that an argument
that leads to success can only be borne
out of clarity.
Am I a conscious being, you ask?
I am intuitive, I retort,
as I lie in the sun to bask.
Was there ever an emotion
more intense than hate?
Whereas I often think that
“beautiful” can be so vague.
The secret to a happy existence
is in finding contentment.
Why let your soul become complicated?
Why let your heart be negative?
In the end we all enter Earth.
Order and chaos, come and go in cycles
The ones who remain are the dominant
who eliminate the weaker
thus revealing Darwinian evolution.
I hope my knowledge-thirst never runs thin
for there are many an impact yet to be made
through long nights
and an immovable conviction.

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