Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuna Sandwiches

A couple of years ago around 2 in the morning, I was feeilng a bit lonely and I wrote the following - idealistic, but that's me.

You see it is all about this road that Robert Frost mentions in his poem, the one not taken. I look at the road and for the most part I can walk this road by myself. It is those little stupid stones, and rocks and thorns that get in the way. I want someone to help me kick the stones away, hack the thorns with a machete. I also want water and neatly packed tuna sandwiches while I walk this road. Along the way I want to stop and build a house so that other weary travelers can take refuge in it long after I am gone. Sometimes a cool person comes along and actually helps me in this journey, while at other times they actually foul me and I fall hard on the ground just as in a soccer game or in football. Rarely someone comes along who not only helps me in pushing the stones away, hacking the thorns but also in building the house. And I think to myself and ask why the hell is this person helping me like this? What is she getting out of it? After a while I realize that this person is lonely like myself and for some insane reason loves tuna sandwiches as much as I do! Before I know it we are walking on this road together and there are these crazy adventures along the way. The weird thing is that I don't ask this person her age, occupation, ethnicity, income, etc. All I know is that it is all about tuna sandwiches, and she totally digs that. Here is an oxymoron for you - planned adventure! I want to walk this road not taken and of course there'll be an adventure along the way. I don't know what to expect and there lies the beauty, the mystery, the anxiety, the fear, the joy. If I see an unexplored valley with wild flowers, I want to explore it. If I see cool people along the way, I want to get to know 'em. Just wanna meet someone who enjoys making and eating tuna sandwiches as much I do. Trust me, the rest doesn't matter!

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