Monday, November 19, 2007

Claressinka Anderson at Bergamot

I had a fantastic time this past Sunday evening admiring all sorts of different art-work at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. I was invited by one of my dearest friends to check out Claressinka Anderson's work, entitled "Through Your Ghosts, Darkly" at the Tarryn Teresa Gallery. The work chronicles the artist's mother's life during communist Czechoslovakia and connects the latter's past with her present through juxtaposed photographs on some beautiful art - a series of 40 in x 40 in photographs. Personally, I found it rather morbid, melancholic, eerie, and yet I came away with a sense of beauty.

There was a huge opening in one of the bigger galleries entitled, "Artists for Human Rights". There were many unique pieces from a variety of artists from all parts of the world championing the thirty articles outlined in the International Human Rights Commission manifesto. The energy of the crowd in that gallery was scintillating!

The evening ended with some grape-flavored hookah and sheesh kebobs at Cafe Dahab.

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