Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ghazal 147

This past weekend I was able to do some work with a dear friend of mine on some poetry translation. Here's a sneak preview!

چشمِ خوباں خامشی میں بھی نوا پرداز ہے
سرمہ تو کہوے کہ دودِ شعلۂ آواز ہے

Even in silence the eyes of the beloved speak
Antimony from her eyes sings like flaming smoke

یکرِ عشّاق سازِ طالعِ نا ساز ہے
نالہ گویا گردشِ سیّارہ کی آواز ہے

The lovers’ form sings the chord of discordant fate
The lovers’ plaint sings like the revolving planets.

دست گاۂ دیدۂ خوں بارِ مجنوں دیکھنا
یک بیاباں جلوۂ گل فرشِ پا انداز ہے

See the power of Majnun’s blood-filled eyes:
They conjure roses to carpet the wilderness.

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Animesh said...

no fair! Please also post the phonetic representations for those who cannot read urdu, but can understand [and love] it :-)